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Posted by KWYitKUNfaDINSe in , - January 3, 2009 1/03/2009 09:22:00 AM
Some people still get pimples at 30 - I happen to be one of them! I finally found a daily skin care regimen that works for me. People have been asking me what I use on my skin so I guess I will share it:

I start out by washing my face with Tom's of Maine Moisturizing Body Bar. I like this brand because its all natural, the company focuses on environmental sustainability and their product are not tested on animals. The product is great for my sensitive skin and I never suffer from redness, skin irritation or residue. I use the tips of my fingers to make small circular motions to release the oil before thoroughly rinsing.

Next, I use Noxzema Anti-blemish pads to provide a deep cleansing for my pores and remove old skin. My face feels tingly and refreshed after using these. (giggle)

Depending on whats going on with my skin at the moment, I'll use a either 10% benzoyl peroxide gel or Mederma gel for scars. I'll use the former if I feel a breakout coming and most times it will prevent it. I don't recommend that people use this daily because it may cause severe dryness! I'll use the Mederma if I have a blemish that needs clearing. This solution has helped me tremendously! As an African-American, my blemishes tend to be much darker than my skin tone and this gel has helped to clear my skin in a fraction of the normal time!

And to top it off, I use Origins Precipitation Extra as a daily facial moisturizer. This cream is light, replenishing, has an amazing scent and has shea butter and other natural ingredients. I actually use this all over during the winter months because of my dry winter skin. Let me explain something - I absolutely love Origins products, I swear by them!

So there you have it. Thats my skin care regimen and I'm stickin' to it for now!

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