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Posted by KWYitKUNfaDINSe in - February 8, 2009 2/08/2009 08:48:00 PM
As we continue our study of the Book of James, we are now focusing on Getting Back to the Biblical Basics of Taming the Tongue.

The big idea for today centered on speaking with care. But in order to do so, we have to control our tongues. But in order to do THAT, we have to learn to control our thoughts!Speak with care, control your tongue, control your thoughts If we speak bitterness and anger or hatred, those things are hidden deep in our hearts.

The pastor taught from James 3:1-12 highlighting that the tongue has the power to direct, to defile, and can be poisonous and destructive. There are numerous scriptures throughout the Bible which tell us to use restraint when it comes to the tongue. Psalms 141:3 illustrates David's concern and prayer to God to guard his tongue. Our mouths can get us into soooo much trouble!

I tell my daughter all the time, "Women are better seen than heard." She takes it to the extreme and sometimes states her annoyance if she encounters a loud-mouthed female. LOL.

Sometimes its better to listen, show a KWYit KUNfaDINSe!

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